As part of our endeavor to promote best standards journalism and share our expertise with the community, we conduct regular ONE DAY FREE workshops for students and working journalists at our campus regularly.  You may enroll for these workshops by sending your details of college attended and work experience. We will send free invite to you on receipt of your details for the next workshop suitable to you.

Interested candidates may apply by clicking:

news editing skills for tv media journalists

This intensive full time training provides the cutting edge skills for the journalists to go hands-on with Final Cut Pro software on Apple Mac platform, the de facto standard in the TV news industry. You will be able to edit your own news shots, add creative effects to your final output to make your story interesting and appealing. Ideal for graduating journalism students looking for career in broadcast media. We can tailor make programmes for those who cannot attend full time sessions at a stretch. 

Interested candidates may apply by clicking: 

pG PROGRAM IN Muti-Platform JOURNALISM (Specialisation: TV)

This program provides students intensive training in multi-platform journalism with specialisation in broadcast media journalism.


News Writing and Reporting for TV and Print Journalism

Content includes:  Live reporting, writing, storytelling, accuracy, lead writing, story structure, use of quotations, writing from media releases, covering press conferences and speeches, writing profiles and features, copy editing, headline writing, attribution, news selection, display and working under intense deadlines.

Digital Storytelling

Writing for the Web, handling a developing story, blogging, developing content for wikis, monitoring social media sites such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Flicker, and developing audio and video stories for publishing on the internet.

Fundamentals of Photography and Video

  •  Composition, framing, sequencing, lighting and how to tell stories using high-end digital cameras.

Editing with Final Cut Pro

  •     Edit television and Web stories on Macintosh Computers using Final Cut Pro

Weekly writing Workshops

  • Refine English writing skills for multi-platform projects.




First Term:  Internship

During the first term, World Media academy will use its extensive network and contacts to help place you in media houses for internships.

Second Term:  Specialization in TV Journalism

During the second term, World Media Academy will work with students to refine their journalism skills through a six-week intensive studio module. The module is a practical application of broadcast skills, including:

  • Anchor training and voicing
  • On-Air Reporting
  • Video editing
  • Graphics and sound


World Media Academy provides a series of lectures by distinguished working journalists and industry advocates.

We offer specialized modules on business, health, environment, education, entertainment, defense, science, politics and sports.

Guest speakers deliver lectures to broaden the student’s knowledge and world view.

Students identify media issues, research background, present content and lead discussion.  These sessions build confidence, develop analytical skills and foster team spirit.