Crypto Could be the Future of the Online Gambling Industry                   

The future of online gambling is online casinos. The future of currency could be Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. They could also be what is happening with online gambling and currency right now.

Recently, for two months, there was about $4000 worth of Bitcoin was bet every minute.

Casinos may think that Bitcoin (more on bitcoin casino bonus) is the cryptocurrency is the one to go with, but the future actually might also be with the smart contract technology of Ethereum. Ethereum could change the whole gambling industry.

Bitcoin has been successful so far as means to betting due to it security and anonymity. Gambling is useful to use Bitcoin, but Ethereum may become the new paradigm due to the smart contracts that can be created with Ethereum.

Enabling the use of smart contracts with Ethereum makes it more trustworthy than Bitcoin. A smart contract is created using a computer code that can be easily audited by somebody in the public. When you pay with Ethereum, a contract is created between the payer and payee. A website or a company can end up with a whole collection of contracts and the gambling operator does not have to worry about their operation. The Ethereum virtula machine will always make sure that smart contracts are running efficiently. These smart contract will lower the costs of the website’s operation.

Fuller thinks that lower operational costs mean a lower house edge. In the future, applications using smart contract code will be able to operate with a zero percent house edge. Fuller does not know what will happen with players and operators in the gambling industry if there is a zero percent house edge. This zero percent house edge could drastically change an industry that has not really changed for a couple of decades.

To Fuller, a zero percent housing edge could mean that operators will have to find another way to make money and these online operators find it quite difficult with the huge marketing budges of traditional offline casinos.

The lack of the ability to make a profit with smart contract gambling contractions is not the only thing that is holding back. The newness of smart contracts has caused it to have problems with it being adopted. The lack of user experience with these applications can be surmounted at this time.

Bitcoin will continue to be the status quo for the next couple of years or at least until they work out the bugs with smart contract applications. What is beneath the market could actually come and totally change the market. It might end up with a cryptocurrency that is neither Bitcoin or Ethereum.

There is a prediction market platform called Augur that could also change the future of the gambling industry.

Tips for Moving Up in Stakes in Online Poker

While you could technically move up in stakes at the poker sites online any time you had money, you won’t last very long if you are making mistakes. Here are a few tips for helping you to tighten up your game and build a bankroll with some regularity.


Playing With a Shorter Memory

One of the reasons your online poker bankroll is low or at zero, you keep trying to chase past losses. One of the ways to win money at higher stakes is to have a short memory. Just because you lose money last night does not mean you will lose it today, so focus on today and moving forward and forget what happened yesterday. Set a goal for the day, if you lose that much, quit and start fresh tomorrow with the hopes of being a monster pot away from a big pay day.


Setting Better Poker Goals

If you are not setting goals at the online poker room, you are not building a bankroll either. Just because you feel like you are on an incredible hot streak does not mean it can’t go south in the blink of an eye. Had you left when you hit your goals, you would have money to build on tomorrow. You didn’t stick to your goals, so you got slammed by a cold streak and in less than a few hours, all those profits and more were given back to the online casino.


Celebrating After You Withdraw Money

There are a number of mistakes that you can make at the online poker tables, but one is bigger than all the rest combined. Just because you can access the online poker site from your mobile device or in your home, doesn’t mean you can drink alcohol and still stay focused on your game. Once you are drinking, you tend to let down your guard and you don’t stick to your goals. Instead of quitting ahead, you play until you are broke.


Increasing Your Poker Playing Focus

Decide before you log into the online poker site how much you would like to win, then work on cleaning up some distractions before making your first bet. Be sure you are in a room with nothing that can take away your focus. Be sure to hang up the phone with friends, turn off the alerts from social media, and shut off the television. When you spend time giving the online poker room your undivided attention, you will be sharp and win more money than simply playing while distracted.


Mixing Up Your Game Play

You may already have a reputation at the online poker site as a tight player. Now is the time to mix things up at higher stakes tables. Play a little aggressive one round, then tight the next. Keep these players guessing so they focus on weaker players and leave you be.


These online poker tips will allow you to better compete at the higher stakes so you are raking in bigger pots and making withdrawals on a regular basis. Find out more on Situs Ceme Uang Asli.

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Crypto Could be the Future of the Online Gambling Industry                   

The future of online gambling is online casinos. The future of currency could be Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. They could also be what is happening...
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