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3 Tips They Don’t Teach You In the Poker Guides

3 Tips They Don’t Teach You In the Poker Guides

Poker is a game of skill and strategy, and not of chance like most people think. Well, there are elements of chance, but you want to avoid those situations for the most part. Once you master these 3 strategies, your poker game will improve greatly. Most players already know the general do’s and don’ts of the game. Here is what the pro players don’t want you to know.

The first thing you have to learn is observation. When the game starts, sit back and observe the other players. For the first hour or so, you are going to be conservative. Fold anything that is not a really strong hand. You want to spend this time learning about the other players, and not worry so much about what is in your hand. Learn how they are betting. Watch their reactions to other bets and to the cards they are dealt. Pay attention to when they bet, how much they bet, and how they react to other bets. This becomes very important later in the game. Most players are consistent with their betting methods. Once you figure out their style, then it will be easier to glean what they might have.

After you have a good grasp on the other players styles, then it is time to switch gears. The second thing would have to be your own betting. Typically betting 3 times the big blind amount will weed out anyone with a weak hand. Stay consistent with your betting amount. When you make a bet, always bet the same amount. Whether you have a strong or weak hand, you do not want to give it away with varying bet amounts. Save the big bets for the re-raise. I do not recommend bluffing. Bluffing is really the only chance element in the game of poker. There are opportunities where bluffing works, but you really have to be confident that the other player has a weak hand.

The final tip would have to be your poker face.

Now I am not just talking about the face alone. Everything you do is being studied by the other players. You have to be emotionless with your face. Be aware of everything you are doing. Essentially, you want to be like a robot. Keep your hands from fidgeting. Control your facial expressions. Try to avoid conversations with the other players, because they are not trying to be chatty. They are trying to get a read on you. Of course, in the game of poker, it is more important to play the other players than play what is in your hand. And btw, this tip is obviously just for offline poker games, it does not apply to online games such as agen poker terpercaya, texas hold’em online etc.

Deception plays a big role in the game of poker. When you establish how the table is playing, you can easily manipulate the other players. Master these skills that have been shared with you and you’ll get to the final table.