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Continuation Betting + Technology In Online Poker

Continuation Betting + Technology In Online Poker

Technology has given us the tools to become smarter, faster, and more efficient when confronted with any task related to high tech. Online poker is no different when it comes to enjoying the advantages technology provides. The vibes one gets when placing a continuation bet in online poker betting feels totally different when compared to a real-world poker setting.

The meaning of a continuation bet in online poker

Some people prefer the shorter version aka c-bet as an easier way to say continuation bet. This type of bet is drafted by the poker competitor who formulates the last offensive action on the previous round of betting. The terminology behind it came about based on the actions of the player who originally initiated the measures before the flop.

Importance of a continuation bet

In life, everybody has to figure out a way to get from point a to point b even with obstacles in the way. This strategy placing a c-bet in online poker or IDN play is usually done to get the other competitors out of hand vs when a value bet is in play. It essentially is calling a bluff by going on the offense and signaling to the other competitors that you have a better hand than theirs.

Advantages of a continuation bet

Most hands in poker will miss the flop at a high percentage which gives the advantage to the last preflop offensive player. That player now has leverage because more information is available to them. This provides a huge advantage since the move the other contenders make, such as raised, checked, or bet, is known before a decision is made to c-bet. The ordinary pot from those players who make poor calls before a flop creates an oven of dead money. This provides an advantage because the pot now becomes very valuable the more c-bet aggression is applied.

Disadvantages of a continuation bet

Any player who decides to use c-bet as a strategy need to remember the meaning of the word balance. You won’t be able to use the same strategy on every flop and not have your opponent’s pick up on it. When your opponent anticipates what’s coming before the flop is in play, it provides the means to trap you into a false sense of security. That player will slow play or what some would call sandbagging. This strategy is deceiving because a weak bet will be made by your opponent when in fact, he has a strong holding.

Knowing your limits to c-bet

Learning how to examine the board appearance, your opponent’s methods, and limits including your own will keep you ahead of the game. Being in position gives you an edge when applying more pressure by bluffing and value betting consistently. When out of position your opponent gets the upper hand by calling more often. This will force your hand to check fold as your c-bet fails on the flop so the best advice would be to stop, re-evaluate, and make adjustments.