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Online Fish Shooting Gambling Game?

Online Fish Shooting Gambling Game?

When involved in the casino industry, particularly the online casino industry, you have to be aware of new trends new games that are being played. Something that you have never seen before can actually be very popular in other places, to the point of where it is shocking. One such phenomenon has been the rise of Fish Hunter games. Fish Hunting games are arcade style cabinets where the idea is that you look at the screen, and you win based off of the fish you kill. It is a game that started in China, and is now popular all over Asia. But it has yet to gain a foothold in the United States.

What are the rules?

Fish Hunter games that are also given names like Dragon Hunter, Ocean King, and King of Treasures, are a combination between arcade machine and Casino game. It is much like the tabletop style arcade machines of the 80s and 90s, where you would look down at a table like screen to play the game. Colorful fish swim around the screen, and there are controls on the sides that are fashioned as guns and weapons switching actions. In other words, it is made to resemble a shooting game with a turret more than any conventional scr888 casino game.

When you want to start playing, you put money into the cash slot to buy tokens, or credits. The credits serve as ammunition for your turret. For example, $1 might buy you 100 credits and each shot is worth 10 credits, therefore each dollar gives you 10 shots. There is also an option for you to change your weapons, and charge your shots which, depending on how much potential the shot has to hit something, can cost you anywhere from an extra 10 to 500 credits. Many times, enhanced shots can cost up to $5 a shot, which is okay, because these machines accept $100 bills.

All the fish you shoot have Point values for the kill. However, there are much larger enemies such as orcas and whales that will be harder to kill because of their size, and the fact that they often have satellite enemies protecting them. In addition to fish, you also have the option of shooting other targets that explode, and give bonuses, or take you to mini games or mini jackpots. Winners can receive anything from tickets, to coins, to debit cards for their wins.

Why is it so popular?

Fish Hunter games are very popular in Asia because of the fact that gambling itself is a very popular pastime among Asian cultures. Many Asian cultures have an emphasis on creating Divine luck that is best illustrated through games of chance and the better you do in certain games of chance, the more favorably you are looked up on in your life by the universe. In many Asian cultures, gambling will be a part of life for most people from when they are born until the day that they die. Not only this, the game itself is designed to be oriented to the way Millennials and younger people play games.