If you have ever gambled online, you may have wondered what are the most profitable online gambling games. Games that you can win more easily when playing than others. Games you will want to play over and over again.

These four games are some of them, but there are many more available on togel singapura online. Games that, if you are having difficulty winning online, you should consider playing more.


Keno — Keno is that simple game where you choose 15 numbers from a board of numbers in front of you. The computer then chooses 20 numbers of its own, and compares how many of the same number you chose. There is no skill involved in playing Keno, but the chances of you matching numbers are high. The more numbers you match, the more money you win.


Blackjack — While you do have to have skill to play Blackjack well, the payout can be as high as 90 percent, and rarely falls below 70 percent. That gives you a very good chance of winning more often than not, and makes this one of the most profitable online gambling games.


Roulette — If you stick to just betting on red or black, you have a 50 percent payout chance on every spin. For those with good luck, this can be a hugely profitable game as they double their money every time.

The Big Wheel — This game usually requires skill, or at least an ability to study the game for a while and analyze what generally happens with each spin. Once you know that, it can be a highly profitable game and you could walk away with far more money than you started with. Luck plays a part in determining how well you do, but so does skill. Be prepared to spend a little time in study, and the payoffs could be huge.