If you know anything about gambling in Indonesia, or if you are Indonesian, you will know gambling in the country is illegal and has been for many years.

You may not know that a huge number of Indonesians still gamble regularly. This is usually done in underground clubs or, in recent years, by accessing online casinos via a VPN.

With so many Indonesians now gambling online, there are three top gambling games most seem to play at one time or another on Judi Kasino. While these games can also be played by non-Indonesians, they are particularly popular with those gamblers from Indonesia that take betting seriously.

Slot machines — One of the online gambling games that is easiest to play, the slots are very popular with Indonesians.

This is often due to the ability to gamble with small amounts of money or large, and due to having access to a huge number of themed slot machine games.

For Indonesians that have traveled abroad and gambled while they are there, the slots are their favorites as they are able to play the slots they liked outside the country in an online casino.

These slot machines include games like Cleopatra, Eye of Horus, Book of the Dead, Ramses, Mermaid Queen, Zombie Circus and Jack of Pots.

Many people also play progressive slots, as these give them the ability to have access to extremely large jackpots should they win.

Poker — While poker was not popular with Indonesians until recently, it has quickly become one of the top three gambling games in Indonesia.

This is due to thousands of games being available on Indonesian-owned sites, and to there always being games available to join no matter what time of day or night.

Indonesian-owned casinos also offer a variety of poker games. Games like Poker Pai Gow, Poker 3-Kartu, Poker Stud Karibia and Poker Video. These variations of poker allow Indonesians to play the variation of the game they enjoy the most.

Blackjack — As Indonesians have been gambling on card games for generations, blackjack has become a popular game for many.

It is easy to play, is only them against the dealer and it is the game with the lowest house advantage so wins tend to occur more often.

Blackjack has also become one of the top three gambling games in Indonesia due to it being one you can spend just a few minutes on per betting session.

Gambling via a VPN — If you are new to gambling in Indonesia, make sure you access online casinos via a reputable VPN and that you deposit money and receive payouts via bitcoin.

This is the easiest way to protect your privacy and hide your identity. That way you are not likely to get into trouble for gambling.