Gambling is an enjoyable pastime enjoyed all around the world. With the internet, this makes gambling more convenient than ever. This also means that obscure gambling games like Qiu Qiu online can be played outside of their resident countries.


Qiu Qiu is a gambling game played in Indonesia and is a lot like the Chinese game Pai Gow. Qiu Qiu is played with dominos and the idea is to turn a four card hand into two two-card sets that total nine. Qiu also means the number 9. So let’s go over some of the rules.


  1. The dominos

The game is played with 28 double-six dominos. These dominos are made from really thick paper, unlike an American type domino. So it is kind of like a thick playing card that looks like a domino. Each player starts with three dominos.


  1. Betting and the first round

Before players get their dominos everyone places a bet in the pot. The amount does vary depending on where the game takes place. Some regions in Indonesia have a standard high or low bet. If only one person bets during the first round then that person wins the pot.


After everyone places their bets is when they get the 3 dominos. At this point, they have a few possible options. They can fold, call or raise. This really all depends on how each player’s hand looks like. After this first round, the process is then repeated by placing bets and deciding whether to fold or not. Players also get a fourth domino card. During the final round is where everyone who didn’t fold has to show their hand. The winner takes the pot afterward.


  1. Hands

A big part of the rules is how the hands are made up. An example of a special hand is the “Murni Besar” which has about 39 spots. This can be as a 6-3 or something like 5-4. Special hands are treated differently from normal hands. The best normal hand is 9-9. Ordinary hands are compared just using the value, so 9-9 is ideal.


  1. Conclusion

Qiu Qiu is a quick, fun, little game enjoyed by many people in Indonesia. Thanks to the internet this game can be enjoyed by people all around the world. The rules are pretty simple and easy to learn. It all starts with placing bets in a pot.

Then each player gets 3 domino cards and each player calls, folds, or raises. This process is repeated until the final round where everyone who is still in shows their hand. The player with the best hand takes the whole pot. Know that you know the rules of Qui Qui go out and try a game or two.