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What are the top 5 sports to bet on and why?

What are the top 5 sports to bet on and why?

If you are looking for the top five sports to bet on, these five are the ones that more people bet on than any other.


This is due to some excellent reasons why these sports are deemed to be more interesting or lucrative to bet on than other sports.


Tennis — Tennis is now the world’s second most popular sport to bet on behind football. This is due to there being tennis matches and tournaments held most days of the year, so there are always opportunities to gamble.


The game has also become popular as there are so many different outcomes you can bet on.


Of course, you can bet on who wins the match, but you can also gamble on correct scores, handicap betting, and on sets and on games. This means someone who loves betting can place many different types of bets on the same match.


Football — The world’s most popular sport, football games go on around the world every day of the year, and most of them can be bet on, especially online on sites like https://gclubbz.net/fishhunter.


That means someone who likes to gamble every day will often choose football to place bets on. Especially as, just like tennis, there are so many different outcomes you can gamble on within just one game.


Cricket — The game introduced to much of the world by the British during the age of the British Empire, cricket still has more than two billion fans worldwide.


That makes cricket one of the top five sports to bet on due to the number of cricket matches being played every week.


Basketball — Even though most basketball games are played in the United States, there are still hundreds of millions of basketball fans around the world who love to watch the game. Many of them also enjoy gambling on it.


Fans generally enjoy gambling on basketball as the game is fast-paced, so fun to watch, and there are many games played throughout the basketball season.


Again, there are also various outcomes you can bet on, giving many gamblers the opportunity to bet several times on the same basketball game.


Hockey — Ice hockey is a very popular game in Canada, the United States, Russia, Norway, Finland, Sweden and Denmark. It also has many fans in Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic.


Estimates of the number of fans of the game range from 50 million up to a hundred million or more. Even with 50 million fans, however, that is a huge number of people that may just gamble on the game as well. Especially as it is now so easy to do so via one of the many online casinos that offer hockey betting services.


Gamblers bet on the winner of a game or a tournament. They also bet on the half-time score, the full-time score and the points spread.